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Shari Lambert is a singer/songwriter who is rocking New York City, creating songs with a depth and passion rarely heard in today’s music. A dynamic singer with a style and sound all her own, she is known for her rich powerful voice, electrifying hi-energy performances and her ability to write melodic hooks that won’t let you go!


Shari’s songwriting reflects a range of influences – from folk to rock – with an in-your-face style. 

"I have been playing piano since I was a little girl, but it is the guitar that really allows me to open up and give my songs life", says Shari with a wink and a smile.  Her lyrics are insightful and paint a clear picture, while her melodic hooks leave you singing along (with a beer in your hand) and won’t let you go. Her vocal delivery is at times warm and suggestive while at other times haunting and raw.


Her genre spanning music includes rock, pop, blues and r&b stylings. Live, Shari’s stage performances are nothing short of passionate and electrifying! She plays covers as well as her own hard-hitting originals and has performed extensively throughout the area, including notable venues in NYC such as CBGB’s Gallery, The Elbow Room, ACME Underground and Kenny’s Castaways. She plays regularly in NYC to a devoted and growing fan base. 


Her time is now!