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October, 2005

~  The beginning of this month has kicked my ass!  Wound up sick as a dog with fever and everything.  Needless-to-say, I haven't been singing much!  More like howling at the moon!  Met some really great musicians... shout out to Jonathan (really great guitarist dude!).  Can't wait to start singing again!


September 30, 2005

~ What a month!  Saw Green Day rock out at Giants Stadium!  They gave a great performance.  Sang for a crowd of 300 in Paramus, NJ... presented one of my original songs ("Just Fly").  Got some great feedback- thanks guys!   Sending out kudos to my friend Corynne (www.corynnewilder.com) with Nine Times Eternal who kicked ass at Kenny's Castaways in NYC.   Have been meeting wonderful musicians lately... saying "hey" to Lara (The Lara Project) and Marc and Lenny (fantabulous guitarists!!!).  Excellent!


August 30, 2005

~ What a wonderful day!  I finally did my National Anthem gig!  It was at Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair, NJ for the New Jersey Jackals!  Sang the National Anthem a cappella (without music) and it went great!  I, of course, managed to get hit with a foul ball (somehow!) but the team won and we were all thrilled.  Thanks to all my friends (and new friends!) who came out to support! 

July 12, 2005

~ Summer is the best!  It's the time when I get to play guitar and do my songwriting with enthusiasm!  New songs in the works... looking for new inspirations.  I'm currently in process of recording a new song so keep checking back for the song posting.  Now go jump in and go swimming!

June 1, 2005

~~ Since I rehearsed and recorded the National Anthem for the Army, I had been wondering what to do with it.  And along came an audition opportunity that rocks!  After some auditioning, nail biting and wondering, I have been selected to sing the national anthem at the NJ Jackals baseball game on Tuesday, August 30th!  I am so excited!  Wish me luck and come out to the game... it should be a great day.  Stop by and say hello!  



April 10, 2005

~~   Wow... can't believe it's almost been a year since my last performance!  I've been doing  a lot of songwriting and living a lot of life!  

I guess I owe all my fans a great big THANKS for believing in me and taking the time to come out and support.  I have gotten a lot of fan mail asking when I will be performing in clubs again.  At this point , it's hard to say.  Just know that I'm missing PERFORMING, missing YOU and will be out jamming about soon!     ~ Shari

October 15, 2004

Well, I'm still here stateside.  The Army and I will not be teaming up due to conflicts and obligations that I have already on the books.  It was a great experience though and I met some wonderful people there.                            God Bless!  ~ Shari

September 1, 2004

Made the very big decision to audition for the Army Field Band.  I don't know if this is the path for me, but for now it seems right.  They want someone right away and I have other obligations in the works, so we shall have to see how this plays out.  I may be singing around the country!      ~Shari

May 17, 2004      CBGB's Gallery      Showtime: 6:50     Cover: $5

Show the love!  Come out and support!

6/1/04     ~~     May 17th was a rockin' show!  Thanks to all who came out!  You gave my new songs a warm welcome which is always nice.  There's something about playing a new song that's like standing naked in a parking lot which is a bit daunting!  But you guys make it easy and for this I Thank You!  Next up will be some open mics in NJ, so all you New Jersey fans who have been after me to gig in the Garden State... here I come!  Hope to see you soon!          ~ Shari



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